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An Iconography of Broken Bodies.

Imagining a Better Country: Race, Place, and Identity.

A New Creation in Christ: Jesus and Genesis Fulfillment in Matthew 1:1.

“A Threefold Remedy”: Parables of Salvation in Luke 15.


Theology in Purgatory: Karl Barth’s Feuerbachian Critique of Modern Liberalism.

The Inclusive Incarnation of Augustine’s The Christian Combat.

“Death doth touch the resurrection”: Remapping Purgatory in John Donne’s “Hymn to God, my God, in my Sickness”.

“You Really Are Unleavened”: Community Identity, Violation, and Restoration in 1 Corinthians 5:1-8.

Joy in the Sermon: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Christological Preaching.


Baking the Body: How to Make Homemade Communion Bread for your Church. A reflection and recipe for Anglican Compass on communion bread baking with children.

The Gospel is Beautiful. We can't separate the beauty of God from the pain of the cross, and that is very good news.

Confessions of a Chronic Latecomer. I'm late to church every single week, and no amount of guilt-tripping is going to change my ways. But something else might.

Surprises in Cambodia. A travel blog from Cambodia on the beauty of the Khmer language, the pain of immigrants worldwide, and the hope of the gospel.

Stars. Advent reflection on the significance of stars.

Vietnam Travel Blog. A travel series reflecting on Vietnamese history and society, cross-cultural differences, and faith complexities. This series informed the May 2007 Christianity Today cover story. ​



A New Kind of Household. An article for Mutuality Magazine on making peace with the Apostle Paul and his household codes in Colossians 3.

International Religious Freedom Advocacy: A Guide to Organizations, Law, and NGOs (with Knox Thames and Chris Seiple). The definitive textbook on the subject, praised by Madeleine Albright and other experts. And yes, I still geek out that Madeleine Albright blurbed my book!


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