I love to write and speak on the topics I care about (which is a lot!), from traveling the globe to nourishing my neighborhood church. Please contact me the next time you need someone to think way too hard and feel way too deeply about your next writing, editing, or speaking need.


Praying among the embers. How do we pray when the world is on fire? A reflection on Ember Days following the George Floyd protests.

An Incarnation Rogation Celebration. What are Rogation Days, and how can we observe them during a global pandemic?

Daily Global Art and Prayer. Reflections, prompts for prayer, and art from around the world for a week-long global focus.

Temporary, Ridiculous, and Extravagant. A reflection on celebrating Easter through creative, sensory community experiences; includes an embedded video I made about a community art project to celebrate Easter 2020.

Holy Generosity. A heartfelt thanks to the outpouring of service and generosity of my church community during COVID-19.

Re-imagining Loving our Neighbors. Neighbor-love in the time of corona.

Worship, Welcome, and Wonder...Beyond our Walls. What does outreach look like in a small church in one of America's most diverse neighborhoods?

Baking the Body: How to Make Homemade Communion Bread for your Church. Anglican Compass posted this reflection on communion bread baking with children and a practical recipe.

Practical Pointers to Praying the Psalms. An article to accompany my short summer sermon series on the psalms.

Creative Contemplative Mom on the Street: Amy Rowe. FamilyApp featured this fun profile of my personal style. This one's written about me, not by me!

The Gospel is Beautiful. We can't separate the beauty of God from the pain of the cross, and that is very good news.

A First Sunday Reflection. A reflection on the first Sunday service of Incarnation Anglican, a church that I am helping to plant.

Different from All Other Nights [audio]. A Maundy Thursday sermon the first passover in Egypt and the last passover between Jesus and his disciples. 

Tended. Gathered. Carried. Led [audio]. What does it mean to live as exiles? What does it mean to be shepherded? An Advent sermon on Isaiah 40.

Why Do we Pray Scripted Prayers? In addition to extemporaneous prayer, Anglicans also pray from The Book of Common Prayer. Why?

Common Prayer...Simplified. What is the Book of Common Prayer, why does it matter, and how do we actually use it in our daily lives?

The Tiny Way. Loving and living in my diverse neighborhood, even when it makes me uncomfortable.

Confessions of a Chronic Latecomer. I'm late to church every single week, and no amount of guilt-tripping is going to change my ways. But something else might.

Surprises in Cambodia. A travel blog from Cambodia on the beauty of the Khmer language, the pain of immigrants worldwide, and the hope of the gospel.

Birds at the Altar. A travel blog from Cambodia reflecting on the Buddhist practice of releasing caged birds and the reality of a God who is with us.

Beyond Glitter and Gluesticks: Creating a Family Art Culture. Reflections on meaningful kids' art and a description of my family arts workshop.

An Introvert's InvitationReflections on corporate spiritual disciplines and an invitation to a spiritual retreat.

Spiritual Disciplines: Inviting Jesus In. Simple ways to incorporate contemplative spirituality into daily life with small children.

Rhinestones Optional. Thoughts on femininity, Christianity, and creating safe community within women's ministry.

Stars. Advent reflection on the significance of stars biblically, scientifically, and personally.

International Religious Freedom Advocacy: A Guide to Organizations, Law, and NGOs (with Knox Thames and Chris Seiple). The definitive textbook on the subject, praised by Madeleine Albright and other experts. And yes, I still geek out that Madeleine Albright blurbed my book!

Recommended Books for the Really New Internationalists. A survey of the best books on international affairs for young children.

Divine Comedy. An exploration of America's first amendment through a review of Jay Wexler's religious freedom road trip book, Holy Hullabaloos.

A Lost Boy Tells Sudan's Story. A review of Dave Eggers' novel What is the What with personal reflections from my travels in Sudan. 

Vietnam Travel Blog. A travel series reflecting on Vietnamese history and society, cross-cultural differences, and faith complexities. This series informed the May 2007 Christianity Today cover story.