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Why "Sparrow & Sea"? Quite simply, I love the lowly sparrow, and I love the boundless sea (and I love alliteration). The sparrow conveys all that is familiar, humble, and faithfully attended to in my work: my years of experience, my technical expertise, my rigorous attention to detail. The sea, on the other hand, suggests mystery and depth: my artistic vision and creative process.

Why "Contemplative Design"? I employ a contemplative approach to my work — patient, listening, attentive, responsive — which not only helps me better understand my clients, but also helps them better understand themselves and value the uniqueness of their work. Further, I resonate strongly with Mother Teresa's call to be "contemplatives in the heart of the world." I choose to work with clients with strong social missions, placing their work squarely in the heart of the world, and I keep my prices affordable so they can access good design while directing their limited resources toward what matters most.


I come from a long line of writers, dreamers, and makers, and have been creating stuff for as long as I can remember. My first foray into graphic design was as high school yearbook editor, where I learned principles of page layout, color theory, and typography. I loved it, and I've found ways to sneak design into every job I've held since then. My professional life has carried me through five continents and has included social work, nonprofit startups, international affairs, writing, photography, teaching, church planting, and parish ministry.


One former boss jokingly called me the organization's "pastor and poet," and frankly, that sounds like my dream job. I see Sparrow & Sea as an extension of this moniker, allowing me to bring both pastoral care and poetic vision to my clients as they entrust me with their stories.

I'm privileged to serve as Executive Pastor of Incarnation Anglican, a quirky little church I love with my whole heart. I am also preparing for ordination to the priesthood in the Anglican Church in North America. 

I love Madeleine L'Engle and Wendell Berry and backyard birds and lots of coffee. I'm married to the funniest person I've ever met, and together we are raising two adventurous kids in a little house with a yellow mailbox just outside of DC.

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